Dentistry in Naperville

"Dr. Wiers is just a wonderful dentist and person."

He takes time to talk to get to know you, answers all your questions, and you never feel rushed. I have felt very comfortable with him and his staff from day one. -Ginger Fry

"Dentists like Dr. Wiers are one in a million."

Skilled, kind, and respectful of your time. I have been thankful that going to the dentist has been a pleasurable experience and not a dreadful one thanks to Dr. Wiers and his staff. -Jason McSweeney

"Dr. Wiers is the absolute best."

While there are a lot of good dentists out there, Dr. Wiers' personal touch makes him the best. He takes the time to explain every procedure and clearly cares about his patients. After a procedure using anesthetic, he personally called me to make sure that I was feeling good and recovering the way I should be. I've never had that from any doctor/dentist. -Ryan Dengel